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An experienced property investor and residential developer, Andy Restein has spent the past 15 years buying, renovating and transacting real estate. From his first apartment in Port Melbourne, to heritage houses in Melbourne’s Malvern East and holiday homes on the Mornington Peninsula, Andy has purchased, built, renovated and sold more than 10 of his own properties.


Prior to launching The Rest, Andy served as a consultant to multiple buyer’s agencies. Over the past decade, he has advised and assisted countless clients in purchasing and achieving their own property goals.


Andy’s network and connections span multiple professions, putting planners, surveyors, architects, builders, landscapers, advocates and real estate agents at the fingertips of his clients, ensuring their desired teams are not only efficient and effective, but also of the very best quality.


Andy’s years of experience developing residential properties have provided him with an invaluable set of skills in future proofing homes for both long and short term gain. In his own words, “a successful project always starts with a smart purchase. Clever design and a high-end build will only get you so far. Buying well and understanding who will eventually purchase the property from you is the key to making that extra impact.”


With a different outlook on how property consulting should be delivered and executed, becoming a fully licensed real estate agent has allowed Andy to create The Rest.


When he is not walking through open houses or liaising with architects and builders on his latest projects, Andy can be found on the golf course, mowing his lawn or grabbing a morning coffee with his wife Laura and English Bulldog Elliott.

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